Cardiac SurgeryCardiac surgery required on urgent basis in patients with following conditions:
• Newborns with obstructed Total anomalous pulmonary venous connections (TAPVC)
• Patients with critical left main disease
• Patients with Acute aortic dissection
• Patients with cardiac tumours

Few cardio vascular and thoracic cases require surgery on emergency basis as these procedures are life saving and organ saving.

Obstructed TAPVC- In this condition newborn will require surgery on urgent basis.

Aortic dissection this disease requires urgent surgery as 50% of patients will die within 48 hours without intervention. In this disease blood force tears the wall of aorta and makes a false and weak channel and compresses the true lumen. These patients feel severe excruciating pain over chest may radiate to back.

Cardiac Tumours – These patients with fragile tumours like Myxoma should be treated on urgent basis. Because they have tendency to embolization and may cause Brain stroke or limb ishchemia .