Are Energy Drinks Dangerous for Heart Condition Patients?

It is advised by many doctors and Heart Specialists Ranchi that energy drinks could be harmful to the heart. When consumed too frequently or incorrectly at the wrong time, energy drinks can be potentially harmful to the heart in due course of time. What we consume needs to carefully analyse based on our individual health conditions.

It is important to read the labels of all energy drinks and see whether it is safe to drink for different age groups. Some of them are not intended for children under 18 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding women and others with heart conditions.

Associated Risks:

Most heart specialists and doctors don’t recommend consuming energy drinks, whatever the purpose may be. They instead advise people to look for natural foods and exercise that could boost energy. The reason for this is due to the risks associated with energy drinks for the heart and health in general.

Though there may not be any drastic effects of consuming energy drinks immediately, there are symptoms such as increased blood pressure levels, faster or more irregular heartbeat, etc. associated with consuming energy drinks which is disruptive to the natural flow of processes in the human body.

Heart Doctors Ranchi, such as Dr. Sanjay Kumar confirms these risks could make the conditions worse for heart patients particularly. All the stimulants present in energy drinks makes an impact on the heart that gives the feeling of being energetic and healthy. But it is to be noted that this feeling is short-lived in most cases.

Heart Specialist Doctor Ranchi:

In the long run, energy drinks can have a negative impact on blood vessel function and impair its proper working. Heart Specialists Ranchi have treated many cases of heart surgeries with improper blood vessel function leading to fatal conditions. Healthy young adults and adults must keep away from these energy drinks at all costs as it will affect them later.

As most people would agree, better safe than sorry is a practical approach to living. Rather than understanding the risks associated and being lethargic about them, staying away and limiting consumption of energy drinks is a better way to ensure a healthy heart.


It is easy to ignore the harmful effects of certain foods and drinks when they do not immediately affect us in any serious way. We tend to be indifferent towards the advice of doctors too in such cases. Rather than having to deal with life-threatening consequences due to our ignorance long-term, it is much more practical to be careful from the beginning. Opting a healthier lifestyle by choosing to stay away from too much energy drinks can lead to a healthier heart.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Heart Doctors Ranchi has enclosed in his blog several articles about the surgical procedures performed by him, patient’s history and heart conditions. These different procedures have been associated with various heart conditions based on the patient’s lifestyle.

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